March 06, 2011

Exploring the water

Water. What a fascinating substance. What's the most interesting in it, it can be pretty much anything.

It bends light and colors beautifully. It may be still or moving. It can be liquid or solid. And as solid... Ice... it can be molded to anything. From the ice cubes in your glass to actuals size hotels.
(like this real ice hotel in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden *link to*)

All of these are seen in nature too. So I went and tried to find some natural water. Not so difficult in Finland. ;)

Shapes of water

Motion of water

State of water


  1. the first is my fave. It isnt easy to capture the colors ansd shapes of water and you did a good job!
    As for the logs house, I know they can be pretty cheap but I want to buy one to live in it.....that complicates a bit everything since I should first find a good job in Finland and before to do that I should learn to speak Suomi....and as much as I have tried I cannot say more than ten words or so. I adore Finland and if I could, I'll move there tomorrow...


  2. Thanks!

    Well if it's any consolation to you... I know some people in Finland that have worked in Finland for several years in business sector without knowing any Finnish. Except 'Hei' and 'Kiitos'. ;)

    // Toni