February 28, 2011

All the small things

Sometimes you just forget to take a look at all the details in the world as you just go on and on. That's one little big thing that makes being a photographer fun. Admit it... the world just seems different with the camera in your hand. You start framing the world and looking at all the small things most just go by every day without seeing the beautiful small details. With the camera in your hand an every day object can turn to something charming.

Or the nature. We see lakes, fields and forest but forget to take a deeper look. They just are there.

Today's photos are about all the small and big charming details in life we just don't acknowledge.

A breath of fresh air

Strong light on the background made this look naturally black and white. Feels crisp as the air that day. -20C (-4F)

February 24, 2011

Nice stalking to you mr. Rabbit

So I was walking around the harbor area while the sun was setting. Just looking everywhere if I could see something worth capturing. Keeping my eyes open and I saw something move a little... so I got closer...

So I saw this rabbit. I stopped there avoiding to scare it away but of course others didn't see it so they just walked right through and it ran away...

Ok. I thought that was that and continued walking but suddenly I felt something staring at me. Turned around and I saw this rabbit again... It was lurking behind my back. Stalking.

Took couple of shots and it just stood there. I looked away just a bit and it was gone. Again.

I thought I might as well walk back then... but I actually saw this same rabbit yet again.

Now I just stayed there to see what it was up to. The stalker. Looked like a statue even, it was so still.

After a while it just ran away. This time permanently.

Good bye mr. Rabbit. Nice stalking to you.

February 23, 2011

Where the rabbit went

Every winter it's just mandatory to take at least one photo with the rabbit trails on snow. This was taken while the sun was setting behind the city of Lahti.

And NO. I did not make those trails. This is one reason why I caught up on those trails. They just seem to be unrealistically similar to each other. Same space between and all without any extra marks on the snow.

Could it be that this rabbit was an mathematician? Engineer? A Java-coder?

He sure knew how to copy-paste...

February 20, 2011

Ice fisher

Everyone else was fleeting from the lake ice when the sun was setting and it was getting really cold but this one really cool ice fisher was different. It was his time to get on the ice.

I felt his presence and he looked he will just do it...
It was time for some serious fishing.

February 18, 2011

February 15, 2011

Once you pop you can't stop.

Well once got into this I'm not able to stop and I just HAD TO try going even further.

First three in the Previous post (added this one to it too.)

February 12, 2011

Aging myself in Photoshop

I was just wondering… oh well… I had nothing to do and just thought of how would I look like after some time had passed. Took a photo and hit it to Photoshop and just spent an interesting full hour or so with a photo I just took.

SO… This is me NOW.

This is me... well... 10 years from now?

Then I just pushed it a little further but further it goes the harder it gets.

This is where I ended up. Is it me in 20 years?

Then I looked at this for a while and realized that the result does look a lot like my father.
Interesting. And scary at the same time.

!!! ADDITION !!!

Is it me in 30 years?

(If you are interested, just ask me about technique behind the photos.)

((ps. LOL trouble with the comment fields. Got email about not able to comment and I saw it was turned of on most of my recent blogs. Fixed now!))

February 11, 2011

No strings attached

I was walking around the harbour here and there and the most interesting thing I found  wasn't boats, piers or buildings but these strings between poles and the pier. Go figure. :D It got even more interesting when I noticed they were almost all in different color. Really! Interesting! Oh well... at least it was so for me. ;)

And hey, I got a photo out of those strings...

February 09, 2011


This little plant was still standing after so long and hard (and snowy) winter. Amazing how something that seems so fragile can be so tough.

February 08, 2011


I continued to go through shots from last summer/autumn. Just now feels we have too much snow, too wet, too dark... you know. So this is one I found very nice for me. Two guys were fishing near the harbour and created a nice (even small) silhouettes against the sunset.

February 07, 2011

The other monk (street / candid photography)

I'm very interested in street and candid photography. I find it quite challenging and I will challenge myself this year to get at least 2 dozens of photos that are worthy of publishing. That means I have to put myself on the line to get those 24 shots no matter what. Doesn't sound that many but I feel that's enough to put me in trouble. Hah.

So this is one of such shots I feel are worthy. It's a bit older one but just to show you an example. :)

This young monk was with other older and more experienced monks on a Rhine cruise. You could see it from the look on his face that this was all new to him. I feel I managed to capture that quite well with this photo. I also like the man on the background as I feel it gives this photo an extra push and more depth.

February 06, 2011

Scenics of Hamina

Lot of nice sceneries in Hamina, but even so, at first glance this could be taken almost anywhere in Finland. Then again, when you take a closer look those ain't barns but boatsheds which are more common in sea areas rather than inland lakes.

I think sepia gave this nice old fashioned feeling.

February 04, 2011


I drove after a hot air balloon for almost two hours to get it in the same shot as any old barn.

At the end I feel it was worth it. Not very ecological though. :/ Sorry.