January 18, 2011

Using surroundings as frames

Sure, you can always add frames. No news there. And sometimes the photo needs frames in the context to really work. A photo with a white background doesn't necessary go well with white wall for example. Or white web page. But be careful, use subtle tones and don't let the frame out-do the photo. White, black and natural white are sure choices.

Then you can use "natural" frames. Compose the photo with the surroundings as a frame. Windows are usually effective as well as doorways but you can use all other kind of things as a frame too. Fences, bushes or pretty much everything that you can shoot through. Natural frames create a certain mood and can separate your photo from the mass, turn an ordinary photo to an interesting composition.

Here's a window shot from last weekend.

This one is a little older photo but as you can see almost everything can be used as a frame. This is from a railway station and the frames are just two poles and the roof.

Now go out, be creative and find a natural frame!



  1. Thank for the comment on my "natural" frame picture. This one looks cool too. Thanks again for the idea. Will take it with me whenever I'm out and about!


  2. That's good to hear. I'm reading others blogs to get something out of them myself so it's great that if I can give anyone back the favor. :)