January 09, 2011

Welcome to Lahti, Finland

Snow snow snow.

I was hunting crows to shoot today (photo, not killing them). After stumping in the snow for an hour or so I started to think what people are doing right now. We are outdoor people even there is snow. On our thousands and thousands of lakes the snow is somewhat tighter than in the forests so you can walk on it quite well without sinking too much. So I went to the lake right next to our city.

First I came across this blue thing and wondered it for a while. Could be a tent of some sorts right? Not sure, seemed a little small for that.

Not far from that there was people skiing. Very popular ourdoor activity in Finland in winter. Here in Lahti we have excellent outdoor possibilities very near our city.

All were not skiing but some people were just walking on the lake even their legs sinked a feet. Some had their dogs with them for a run. Seems like they loved it like they had never done it before.

Walking, skiing... What do you do on lake and ice. Go ice fishing! Some people just can't get enough ice fishing and when the spring comes after few months there are people on ice even the shores have no ice. Crazy!

So... you can walk, ski, go fishing. Those possibilities are of course available everywhere in Lahti since we have skiing stadiums and very long skiing trails and hundreds of lakes only in this area. What else? There's possibility for downhill skiing just couple km/miles away. You can take a snowmobile and have fun on the lake or some forest trails. And you can go FAR if you want. Brave people can try ski jumping. Well... people usually go just to watch. ;)

This is what seems to be a hobby that is growing since I've seen these regularly recently. Paragliding! All the things people do!

Welcome to Lahti, Finland!

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