February 24, 2011

Nice stalking to you mr. Rabbit

So I was walking around the harbor area while the sun was setting. Just looking everywhere if I could see something worth capturing. Keeping my eyes open and I saw something move a little... so I got closer...

So I saw this rabbit. I stopped there avoiding to scare it away but of course others didn't see it so they just walked right through and it ran away...

Ok. I thought that was that and continued walking but suddenly I felt something staring at me. Turned around and I saw this rabbit again... It was lurking behind my back. Stalking.

Took couple of shots and it just stood there. I looked away just a bit and it was gone. Again.

I thought I might as well walk back then... but I actually saw this same rabbit yet again.

Now I just stayed there to see what it was up to. The stalker. Looked like a statue even, it was so still.

After a while it just ran away. This time permanently.

Good bye mr. Rabbit. Nice stalking to you.


  1. Hienoa, pupuhan se siinä, nyt jäljet sai tekijän ,ihana :)
    Hyvät kuvat, kaunis tuo hankikin kun kimmeltää, timanttipölyä..

  2. Kiitos. Ihan jännä oli seurata tuota jänöä, tai sen minua. Kumpi seurasi lopulta kumpaa en tiedä. ;)

  3. Hei!
    Hienot kuvat,justiinhan noilla jäniksillä on kevät leikkijen aika.
    Kivaa seurata elämää luonnossa, ja kohta alkaa kevät, kettujakin saattaapi näkyä, samat leikit ne on niilläkin juuri nyt...

  4. Kiitos! Voi vitsi kun näkiskin niitä kettuja, jälkiä oon kyllä nähnyt. Vinkkejä?

  5. I really love that last shot! It has an eerie atmosphere, I dunno...but it really gives me something...

  6. Thanks man. I myself like the situation more than these photos actually. I'm such a control freak and those were not so controlled! :D