February 07, 2011

The other monk (street / candid photography)

I'm very interested in street and candid photography. I find it quite challenging and I will challenge myself this year to get at least 2 dozens of photos that are worthy of publishing. That means I have to put myself on the line to get those 24 shots no matter what. Doesn't sound that many but I feel that's enough to put me in trouble. Hah.

So this is one of such shots I feel are worthy. It's a bit older one but just to show you an example. :)

This young monk was with other older and more experienced monks on a Rhine cruise. You could see it from the look on his face that this was all new to him. I feel I managed to capture that quite well with this photo. I also like the man on the background as I feel it gives this photo an extra push and more depth.

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