August 19, 2013

Jukola Games XXXIV

Our neighbourhood has it's own local sports event every year which is very fun for all young and old. The neighbourhood is divided to 12 teams who compete the cup, which is the Jukolan Kivi (Jukola Stone). These Jukola Games have been now held 34 times in a row, which is amazing for such local event and the event really haves some tradition. All the sports are not so traditional though. Team events include the decibel contest, wheelbarrow relay and sack race for example. Single events vary from throwing boots and matchsticks to cutting wood and the "main events" such as running or 3-year olds biking with 3-wheelers. Teams get points for taking part and also based on events rankings.

These shots are from the decibel contest where teams have 3 participants and they scream and shout as loud as they can to make the most dB.

This is what more than 115 dB looks like.
(I think the winner team had more than 120 dB)

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