August 13, 2013

Macro photography

What do you do when you first time get a camera with decent macro capabilities?

You go crazy! That's what happens.

I remember when that happened... it was back in 2003 when I really started get more into photography. I bought a Fujifilm camera that was able to focus to 1 cm and it really took me away. I was really just going crazy with it, shooting everything in closeup. Laying in dirt just to be able to get some shots of bugs etc. It's a whole new world out there... and then... you fill internet with all your macro shots which you think are really amazing. But as so many cameras are now able to shoot decent macro it's not that new thing to the audience anymore and it just does not hit everyone as it used to BUT I highly recommend to do some diggin' with macro. It really takes you away. Still after 10 years of running after those "#%& insects. :D

But if you haven't tried it yet, I recommend you to give it a shot. It's fascinating. Oh well, even if you shoot a lot of macros, go out and do macro anyhow!

And here's some of my macro shots. A lot of them are bugs. BTW the mosquito and the nightly fly are taken with the Fuji back in 2004 or so.

Thanks for visiting and happy macro shootings!

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